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Google Analytics - Web site statistics from Google

Adding Google Analytics to your Nexcite

You may want to print this page

Open Internet Explorer and go to:

If you already have a Gmail account log in to Google.

If you do not already have a Google Gmail Account you will need to create one.

Next, go to the Google Analytics site:

Click on Sign Up Now

Note: Even if you already have a Google/Gmail Account, you will still need to register or set up your Google Analytics account, which will include adding your website url.

Sign in with your Google ‘Gmail’ account:

Click "Sign Up" for Google Analytics:

After completing the Analytics registration click

New Tracking Code (ga.js)

This will generate code specific for the website URL you entered during the registration process

Look for your specific Google Analytics ID shown in the window that begins with UA-XXXXXX-X

( Copy or write this number down-include the UA but not the quotes )

Ignore all the code except the UA number. You don’t need all the extra script, as Passport Online has already added that to your site. The UA code is the part of the code that makes your site uniquely recognized by Google Analytics.

You will be entering the ID number that starts with “UA“ when adding Google Analytics into your NexCite.

Log into your NexCite, and click on ‘Added Features’ tab next to Help

Click on Configure to the right of Google Analytics

Click in the unique Google Analytics ID field.
Now enter the UA number and click Save Changes.

(the UA-XXXXXX-X number)

Remember to Publish the new settings in your NexCite

How to verify you've added the code correctly.

Look at the source code on your website to verify the analytics code is on the page:

Open your browser (Internet Explorer) and go to your website.

Go to the View menu of the browser and select “View Source”.

Verify the Google Analytics code is at the bottom of the page, just before the tag.

You are now finished with the setup, however you will not see report statistics at the Google Analytics site, for a period of up to 24 hours. Google recommends waiting for 24 hours; therefore, after 24 hours, log in at: and view your site reports.

Note that the dropdown menu needs to have your site selected. While on the Google Analytics site, it may show another account if you have added more options. If you don’t see what you are expecting, check that the dropdown has the name of your site.

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