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Submit Sitemaps

A site map is a directory of your website. Search engines can use the site map in order to improve their indexing of your website. A site map is automatically generated for you as you edit your site. Below, you will find instructions for submitting this site map to the major search engines.

The URL for your sitemap is

Google Submission

  1. Sign into "Google Webmaster Tools" with your Google account.
    (If you do not have a Google account, Click here to sign up for one.)
  2. Add your site to your account if you have not previously done so.
  3. Click the "Add a Sitemap" link beside the site you want to submit.
  4. Choose the "Add General Web Sitemap" option from the dropdown.
  5. Enter the "SiteMap URL" from above into the field labeled "My Sitemap URL is:". Be sure to replace with your website address. Make sure you include the entire URL, including the "http://" portion
  6. Click "Add Web Sitemap".

If you add or remove sections, menu items, or pages, you should re-submit your sitemap in the following manner:

Sign into " Google Webmaster Tools" with your Google account and from the Sitemap Tab, select the checkbox beside it and click the "Resubmit Selected" button. The submitted date will update to reflect this latest submission.

Yahoo Submission
  1. Sign into Yahoo Site Explorer with your Yahoo account. (If you do not have a Yahoo account, Click here to sign up for one.)
  2. Enter the entire SiteMap URL from above into the Submit Site Feed text box.
  3. Click the Submit Feed button.

MSN Submission

Go to the Live Search Webmaster Central and login or create an account. Enter the entire SiteMap URL into the Sitemap address field. Click the Submit button.

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